Privacy Statement

Delticom Privacy Statement

The careful handling of your personal information is our highest priority. For this reason we appreciate your trust in the fact that Delticom handles this information conscientiously. In cases where personal data (and user data) is collected beyond the contractual purpose, you as the user will have to actively agree to this use of your data. You can withdraw this agreement at any time with immediate effect. To do so, simply send us an email to

Responsible Authority

The responsible authority in the sense of the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) is Delticom AG, Brühlstraße 11, 30169 Hannover. You can find additional contact information in the imprint.

Collection and Use of Our Customers’ Personal Data

Information that we receive from you helps us to design and continually improve your online experience at We use the information only in the extend required for the justification, content-related design or changing of the user relationship, contractual relationship or legal relationship. The information is collected, saved, processed and used through an automated procedure. We also use your details in order to communicate with you regarding orders, products, services and marketing offers (see "Communication via Email" below), in order to update our databases and to store and maintain your customer accounts. In addition, we use your information to present your test reports and opinions for example at or in online shops operated by Delticom or partner companies and to recommend any products and services that might be of interest to you. We also use your details to improve our shop and our platform, to prevent the misuse of our website or to discover the same or to enable third parties to carry out technical, logistical or other services on our instructions. In case we want to use your personal data for advertising or marketing purposes, we will always ask for your explicit approval in advance.

You can use the website without registration. However, certain functions require a registration. In case a registration is required, you will be notified. Mandatory information in the registration form is highlighted appropriately and is necessary for the use of the service.

We collect the following information

Information you provide us with: We collect and save all information that you enter on our websites or that you submit to us in any other way. This personal information can include for instance the following information: first and last name, address, email address, phone number, etc.

Automatic information: As soon as you contact us we receive and save certain details. Among others, we use – just like many other websites - so-called "cookies" and receive certain details as soon as your web browser opens a Delticom website. Various companies offer software which enables you to visit the websites anonymously. However, we want to point out that we cannot offer anonymous visitors an individualised online experience. Usage data that we collect is only collected and saved anonymously and comprehensively. So for instance we analyse how many clicks reach and from which websites they come. We reserve the right to contact users via email in individual cases in order to resolve any unclear and/or contradictory use of To this end, the information provided from you while using our internet offering is saved. This information is deleted within 48 hours after your access. Your legal rights to access, modify or delete personal information are not affected by this. You can object to the use of your data at any time, to do so please click here or write to us at Delticom AG, Brühlstrasse 11, 30169 Hannover.

Communication via email:  We only send out newsletters, emails and further electronic notifications with advertising information (in the following “Newsletter”) with the approval of the recipients or with a legal authorisation.

Prior to sending out the newsletter, the owners of the email addresses are generally asked for a confirmation for signing up for the newsletter. This serves to check whether the emails were actually sent from the address owners (so-called double opt-in procedure). Due to a lack of advertising content, these emails do not yet constitute as newsletters. The sign-up for the newsletter is protocolled in order to be able to verify the sign-up process. This includes especially the capturing of the time of sign-up and confirmation.

Our newsletters contain information about Delticom, services, offers as well as promotions (e.g. for new platform functions, tyre offerings, supplementing offers on tyres rated by you, coupons, prize draws or notes on the participation in the community) that can originate from us or our partners or partner shops. Furthermore, they can also contain surveys or interviews (e.g. regarding the satisfaction of the users, etc.).

The newsletter is sent out 2-4 times per year. Messages without advertising information that are sent out in the course of our contractual or other business relationships with our customers and users, e.g. transaction and service mails with technical instructions, notes on evaluation and community activities (e.g. in case of receipt of private messages or feedback to your contributions), personal information or comparable messages are not newsletters.

In order to make your emails more useful and interesting, we sometimes receive confirmations about which of our emails you open, as long as your computer supports this function. After every order, you have the opportunity to take part in a survey. During the participation, you can grant us permission to send you offers or similar messages. In addition, we offer you the option to sign up for our newsletter e.g. on

In case you no longer wish to receive emails from us, please send us an email to: You can also set this option via your user account “My Account”.

  • Data storage: With the help of cookies and tracking technologies, Delticom collects and processes specific anonymous data on the equipment of the user’s end device (“device specific data”), raw data from the TCP/IP connection and data on the use of our website. For technical reasons, Delticom will first collect and process the user’s IP address, however, it will be encrypted within a few seconds. The information is stored in a Delticom database for fraud prevention.


What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text information that a website transfers to the requesting computer via a browser program. The cookies enable the web server and browser program to recognise each other during later requests. Thus, personal settings and special services will always be available immediately.

  • Essential cookies: These cookies contribute substantially to the improvement of your browsing and shopping experience in the web shops. This will optimize basic functionalities and applications such as shopping carts or electronic invoicing procedures and facilitate their handling. These cookies don’t collect any information about you that could be used for marketing promotions or statistical analyses.


  • Performance cookies: Performance cookies collect statistical data on how internet pages are used and where errors occur. They are supplemented by anonymous general data such as information on user demographics or reach. These cookies contribute significantly to keeping the websites as performance-oriented as possible and enable the detection of possible errors and weaknesses.


  • Targeted or advertising cookies: These cookies support ads with content that is relevant to the user’s interests. They are generally used by marketing networks with the approval of the operator and recognise users on different websites and participating organisations. These cookies are also used for services of third parties and provide data such as “like” or “share” buttons of social media networks. In return, websites will rate themselves as visited among each other. We use targeted or advertising cookies for instance in connection with Facebook or to improve our online and offline advertising.

The help functions in the menu bar of most web browsers will explain to you how you can set up your browser so that it doesn’t accept any new cookies, how you can receive notifications about new cookies or also how you can deactivate all received cookies. If you have deactivated your cookies, we might not be able to offer you our entire range of services. Some of the more interesting features of Delticom require cookies. For the best technical and personal shopping experience, we recommend leaving the cookies on.

In case you use a shared or public computer with activated cookies, then we recommend to always perform a complete log-out when leaving the websites.

In the area of performance measuring and targeted advertising, Delticom works with various third party providers (e.g. Commission Junction, Affilinet, Tradedoubler, Zanox and Experian) who also collect information through their own cookies. However, this data is always anonymous and will not be connected to your personal data.

Rate More Easily at

You have the opportunity to enter a password of your own choice during your first or a later order.

By entering your email address and password under My Account, you can then view your submitted ratings, change your information or view saved user ratings, photos and videos. Of course you can also change your information while giving your rating or do so later under “My Account”. In case you forgot your password, you can access “My Account” to request that we send it to you again via email.

Will Delticom Pass On the Submitted Information to Third Parties?

Information about our customers is important to and helps us optimise our offering. We only pass on submitted information to third parties in the extend described as follows:

  • Affiliated companies: Delticom passes on personal data (and user data) to affiliated companies and their subsidiaries for purposes of creating personalised newsletters with individual offers and discounts. These companies are either subject to this privacy statement or follow guidelines that provide at least the same level of protection as this privacy statement.


  • Service providers: We commission other companies and individuals to fulfil tasks for us. Examples for this are, among others, the sending out of letters and emails, management of our customer lists, analysis of our databases, marketing measures as well as customer service. These service providers have access to personal information that they need for performing their tasks. However, they are not allowed to use this information for other purposes. In addition, they are required to handle the information according to this privacy statement as well as the German data protection laws. No data will be passed on to third parties without your explicit consent.


  • On this website, contents of external providers are integrated for purposes of statistics, market research and advertising. We need these contents in order to enable you to use this website and to optimise this use.

All providers only use cookies for managing your services. No connection to your personal data will be made. Personal data is, unless explicitly explained in the following, not processed and/or stored. You can deactivate cookies in your browser. However, you can also place an opt-out cookie for each provider that will have the effect that this provider won’t save any of your data in the future.

On We Are Currently Using:

Adobe Analytics

Our websites use the service Adobe Analytics, a web analytics service of Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited (“Adobe”). Adobe Analytics use so-called “cookies”, text files that are saved on your computer and enable you to use the website. If the information for using the website that is generated by the cookie is transmitted to a server of Adobe, then the settings will ensure that the IP address is anonymised before the geolocation takes place and will be replaced with a generic IP address before it is saved. On orders from the operator of this website, Adobe will use this information to evaluate the use of this website through the user, to compile reports about the website activities and to provide other services connected to the use of the website and the internet towards the website operator. The IP address that is submitted in your browser in connection with Adobe Analytics is not merged with other data of Adobe. You can prevent the storage of cookies through the appropriate setting in your browser software. However, we want to point out that this might keep you from being able to use all of the functions of this website to their full extend. In addition, you can prevent the collection of the data generated by the cookie and the data connected to your use of the website (incl. your IP address) to Adobe as well as the processing of this data by Adobe by downloading and installing the browser plugin through the following link:

  • Promotions: We offer you the opportunity to sign-up for our newsletter, e.g. on If you don’t wish to receive offers of this kind, you can opt out at any point, e.g. on or by sending us an email to In the future, you can also simply set this via your user account “My Account”.

  • After each order, you have the opportunity to take part in a survey and to give us permission to submit your data to third parties for marketing promotions. Only if you actively confirm this option will we submit your data to selected cooperation partners or send you offers on orders of other companies. In case this happens, these companies won’t receive your name nor your address or other personally identifying information.

  • The survey and the permission to submit your data to third parties for marketing purposes are not connected. That means you can fill out the survey without giving us permission to pass on your data and vice versa, should you desire to do so.


  • Protection of Delticom and third parties: We reveal customer accounts and personal data of customers if we are legally obliged to do so or if this is required in order to enforce our terms and conditions or other agreements or to protect our rights as well as the rights of our customers and third parties. This includes a data exchange with companies that specialise in the prevention and minimisation of misuse and credit card fraud. It is clarified explicitly that this data will not be submitted to companies for economic use that contradicts this privacy statement.


  • Voluntary data submission: After successfully completing the survey, you have the opportunity to voluntarily take part in a marketing survey to help us improve our service further. Example: Sending of newsletters for partner companies.

How Safe Is My Personal Information?

In order to ensure the highest level of safety for your information and data, several safety regulations are decisive for our operations.

In order to protect the safety of your information during the transfer, we use “SSL” software (Secure-Sockets-Layer). This software encrypts the information submitted by you.

We will never reveal your credit card number in connection with an order.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safety measures in connection with the collection, the storage and the disclosure of personal information of our users. These safety measures include that we might occasionally ask you for submitting proof for your identity before we disclose personal information to you.

It is important that you protect yourself from unauthorised access to your password and your computer. In case you’re sharing your computer with others or you are using a shared or publicly used computer, then we recommend that you always perform a complete log-out when leaving the websites.


Which Information Can I View Under “My Account”?

You can view much information about your account and your interaction with Delticom. Under “My Account”, we provide a centralised access for you.

You will receive an overview of your submitted ratings with Delticom including information on comments, ratings of the same products through other users, etc.

You can change your log-in information or set a new password.

You have the opportunity to update the email address you registered with us.

Your last login data with date, day and time is displayed.

You can view order details with information on the costs of your order, delivery address, progress of your order, information regarding scheduling and status, etc.

Of course, you also have the opportunity to contact us via a contact form.

Disclosure, Correction, Blocking and Deletion of Data

According to the German Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), you are entitled to free disclosure of your stored personal data as well as a right to correct, block or delete this data. You can find our contact data in the imprint.

We are always available for any questions regarding data protection at Delticom. Please send us an email to in which your request is described in detail. We will then examine the issue and try to resolve it.

We reserve the right to occasionally send you messages about possible changes and updates to our guidelines. We recommend that you visit our websites on a regular basis in order to recognize possible changes and updates. As long as nothing else is negotiated, the use of any information about our customers and customer accounts is subject to this privacy statement.